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Pay-Per Click Ad Campaign: Earn More And Spend Less


What does “Pay Per Click” mean? “Pay Per Click” is an advertising strategy that is easy to grasp. Every day around 300 million searches are done through major search engines. This results in 80% of internet traffic. In order to reach as many potential clients as possible, it is extremely important to place your websites on these search engines. But for people to see and click your website frequently, it should be viewed at the top of the online search list. The lower your rank, the smaller the chance your website will be clicked because most internet users only reach up to the third page of a search engine. In “Pay Per Click” advertising, you have to pay to always be visible on the internet. You can target the most searched keywords or key phrases about your website or niche, and the best rankings are obtained by the highest bidder. The greatest advantage is that there is no upfront cost and you pay only after a visitor clicks your link. That’s why it is called “Pay Per Click”.