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Reinvigorating Your PPC Campaigns With a Multi-Channel Approach


Pay-per-click advertising has actually only been around for a few years. But in the grand scheme of the internet, it’s basically a dinosaur. And it’s seen its fair share of criticism. In fact, a lot of businesses shy away from PPC because they’ve heard that it’s really difficult to achieve success unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw at it.

6 Big Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

While social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkdln are new, they have become a vital part of contemporary marketing mix. On Facebook alone, the number of daily active users is up to 665 million. So, if you have a business page on Facebook, that means you can communicate your message to these 665 million users on a daily basis for free. Given below are 6 reasons to use social media platforms for your business.