How Can You Enliven The Paid Search Campaign Of Your Business?


A business should not neglect its paid search campaign for too long. This article talks about some easy ways to enliven a paid search campaign. Do you want to know what they are? Read more to find out.

A business should not rely just on SEO today. If it has sufficient budget, then it should also invest in a paid search campaign. However, the paid search landscape is not what it was a couple of years back. Many new features, like enhanced ad campaigns and evolution of search behavior, got included into the picture. As a result, paid search marketers are finding it hard to cope up and they are struggling to see performance results.

But you should start worrying yet, as this means it’s time for you to reset some things in your campaign. And this is the reason my article will focus on 4 effective ways to breathe new life back into your “dying” paid search campaign.

#1. Conduct a Search Query Analysis in Every 2 Months

Paid search marketers often undermine the value of a search query analysis. You need to realize that the search intent of your target audience is subject to change. A search query analysis in every 2 months will help you understand your customer’s present search intent and thus, save your CPC (cost per click) to a great extent. If you go for a proper analysis, then you might get a new ad development idea or might make a valuable in-demand change. For best results, you should organize the search queries based on themes and priorities.

#2. Conduct a Keyword Analysis in Every 3 Months

I’m sure you have many keywords for your paid search campaign that do not yield any result. An account can have 100,000 terms but you actually need only a handful of them. The useless, low-volume keywords just take up unnecessary space in your account. You need to analyze the factors around low-volume keywords. A keyword analysis in every 3 months will refresh your list, and you find the scope to work with hot, trending keyword phrases.

#3. Conduct a Search Engine Part in Every 3 Months

You need to make sure that you have the same assets represented in both Bing Ads and Google AdWords. Both these popular search engines can become extremely essential in giving you the desired traffic. If you conduct a program for search engine parity in every 3 months, then you can easily keep a tab on the audience profiles on both Google and Bing. The best way to do this is by bid optimization where you can represent all the terms in both engines.

#4. Conduct a Campaign Structure Review in Every 6 Months

A campaign structure review is extremely important for a business running a paid search campaign. It helps to get vital market-level information and make optimization decisions. If you conduct a campaign structure review in every 6 months, then you can easily keep a tab on your overall business goal, and also get full control of creative, keyword relevance, and bid optimizations.

In these 4 easy ways, you can get your paid search campaign up and running like never before. Therefore, you must stop neglecting your accounts and making them messy, as there is still time to enliven your campaign.

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