Top Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Mobile Visitors


I’m sure you know that modern web visitors rely mainly on their Smartphones and Tablets to access the Internet. Therefore, it is important for business owners to optimize their official websites so that it becomes easy to reach their mobile customers. However, responsive web design will not become enough to get the job done. Yes, it is great to optimize a desktop website to fit the small screen sizes of mobile devices. But business owners also should not forget that social networking websites play an extremely important role when it comes to increasing brand exposure, popularity and authority.

Modern web visitors expect smooth interaction with businesses not only from one social network to the next, but also from one mobile device to the next. In this article, therefore, I will focus on some social media marketing tips which will help a business owner attract and satisfy his mobile visitors via the social networking websites.

#1. Make Facebook Tabs Accessible

If you know a little about Facebook marketing, then I think you understand that Facebook tabs are the most essential elements. You need to make sure that your Facebook visitors find it easy to navigate through your custom tabs. Many third-party app providers can help you to make interaction with your visitors a lot easier.

#2. Design a Mobile-friendly Blog

Popular Content Management Systems like WordPress offer responsive websites that can open flawlessly on any desktop computer or mobile device. Moreover, recent studies show that nearly 70% of Smartphone users want websites to load within 5 seconds. As a result, you need to consider the loading time of your blog site. You also need to make sure that there is every popular social sharing button integrated on your blog site.

#3. Engage with Nearby Users

The greatest benefit of using Smartphones and Tablets is that these devices can give information based on a user’s current location. As a result, nearby users will find your business if they are searching with related search queries. And the best way to reap this benefit is by producing location-based ads.

#4. Eliminate Message Fatigue

Most Smartphone and Tablet users go for push alerts to get their social network updates. They hardly log out of an account and log in to a different one. If you are posting the same message on all social networking websites, then it is clear that your followers will get the same message repeatedly. This can cause ‘Message Fatigue‘. So you need to make sure that you tailor your messages only to those platforms that have the highest return for your business.

#5. Use Camera-dependent Networks

Some social networks like Vine and Instagram got designed especially for mobile devices. Their growth rates rely completely on Smartphones and Tablets. And these networking websites are a rage these days. So you need to use these sites by taking snapshots and videos of your products and services, and post them immediately. You will not only share your inside-story with your followers, but also give them an opportunity to trust you.


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